Unmarried & Unbothered WEBINAR 2019

Join the Ambassador of Purity MaShani Allen, M.A. for a 3-hour webinar of the truth and nothing but the truth on being unmarried. Let’s dispel the lies and receive tools to overcome the pressures of being unmarried. 2 full hours of instruction and 1 full hour of Q/A.

Webinar topics include:

  • Recognizing and avoiding the sin swamp
  • Discovering the power in purity
  • Don’t play the game
  • Understanding the blessing of this season
  • What to do while waiting

And much much more………

With a testimony of living pure for over 15 years she has a lot to share concerning the pitfalls, pressures and perspectives.

When you register you will be added to a private FB group on Thursday February 8th and all material and the replay will be provided.

Get to know MaShani

MaShani Allen, the “Golden Scribe” is the Author of Tear Talk: A 90 Day Guide to Healing Through Journaling.

Many people struggle with writing their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and hurts. Pens carry breakthrough and release. When you discover the purpose of the pen your healing can begin. In this book you will learn:

  • The importance of your heart and the locking and unlocking process
  • How to recognize and activate the power of questions
  • Discover the truth and purpose of tears
  • And 90days of writing prompts to bring healing and breakthrough

MaShani Allen, the “Spiritual Beauty Expert” is the Author of Beauty of Holiness, A Makeover from the Inside Out. This succinct collection of inner and outer beauty knowledge challenges women to discover and redefine ones self image.  As a make-up artist, model and fashionista, MaShani’s experience and expertise in the entertainment industry enables her to illuminate both the internal and external issues underlying difficult times of transition and uncertainty. 

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  • "She is anointed and brings a powerful message.  She will open your eyes to just how much your life, actions and the way you live impact others, even when you are not aware of who's watching. Be blessed!"

    Tamiko C.
  • "MaShani's prophetic teaching on What Free To Live means brought clarity & released us from bondage!"

    Marla B.
  • "I'm thanking God for those vessels who hear and obey. THANK YOU MaShani Allen for you ability to hear and obey. YES, I am testifying of the FAITHFULNESS of God". 

    Shani B.


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