Whose Dream are you Living?

It’s amazing how the same concept and thought can come to you in different ways. For me this week alone one concept has come to me through a book, a conversation, and a movie. So I have to pay attention to the message and that’s why I’m sharing this post. Whose dream are you living? Is it God’s, yours or someone else’s? This may be a challenging question but one which needs to be asked. If I were to summarize many are unfortunately living the latter. Why may you ask? I believe we have a society which is set up to keep us in a box, under a glass ceiling or keep us doing the norm. Whenever someone decides to break the box, push against the ceiling or change the norm they receive resistance from some of the most unexpected places and unforeseen people.
Though we may be encouraged to live our dream when we decide to, it will take everything to see it fulfilled. We have to be willing to do something we can’t fully explain. Go places we can’t give a reason for. Have a passion we can’t contain or ignore. And take a journey that few have embarked on, but there’s a peace about it. When you live the dreams of others it may look good on the outside but leaves the biggest void inside your heart and spirit. Even in the church we can take our dreams and try to morph them into what we’ve seen and what we know. But we have to take that dream and do it the way God gives it to us.
We can try following others blueprints but what if you are the new blueprint? What if you are the model? What if you are the new trailblazer? If you try to copy someone else you leave a group of people waiting for you to be YOU!!! It can take years, decades and sometimes a lifetime to truly pursue your God given dream but when you do that’s when a new level of life begins. So dream your God dream. Allow Him to expand and breathe on it. Put action to it. Hold it as something most precious. Don’t give up on it or allow time to make you think you are disqualified from it. Dream and then dream again!!! Dream BIG!!!
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