September Releases the Spiritual Secretariats


September Releases the Spiritual Secretariats

Prophet MaShani Allen

Copyright August 31, 2018

On Wednesday I watched the movie Secretariat which was about a race horse. The movie was from 2010 but it was my first time watching it. I LOVED the movie and it stayed with me on Thursday but it really hit today. As a prophet I tend to have a different perspective and I know that God can speak through many ways. Well there is a word from the Lord with this movie.

While driving to work today more aspects of the movie began to flood my mind. I then heard, “September Releases the Spiritual Secretariats.” Though the release is here the Spiritual Secretariats are at different stages. The number  nine represents birthing and as we all know there are different stages for process.

Let me first say this particular horse was of a particular breed. He was not the common average horse. But when he was born there was another horse of the same breed being born as well. One of the richest men in the world had a chance to choose which horse he wanted. With all his wisdom and the knowledge of those around him one would assume he would choose the best. Unfortunately for him he didn’t. Prophetically there are some who leaders have overlooked and ignored. Your true gifting have been hidden and they have not been able to see them. This was a form of protection for you to make sure you were connected to the right people to be properly prepared for the dynamic destiny which awaits you.

For some you are at the stage of birthing. When this horse was born he stood faster than those who had been around horses for years had ever seen. This was a glimpse of how strong, determined and special this horse was. Prophetically some of you are young in the things of God but your ability to grasp the word, understand the kingdom and walk in obedience is unique and rare. Those with a true insight can see this and discern.

The woman who owned the horse was a mother of 4, a housewife and an unlikely candidate for such a task but she was the chosen one. For those in the birthing stage God may use a very unlikely individual to be the one to protect, groom and develop you for destiny. She was able to find the proper trainer and rider to prepare this horse for success. You may have to make adjustments along the way but as you trust and depend on the Holy Spirit he will lead and guide you into all truth and the right people.

The next stage is the learning stage. In this stage the horse and the rider had to bond. Also the horse had to maintain his walk and not change as well as learn his strengths and style. In this stage prophetically this is when the relationship with the Holy Spirit is established and developed. You truly learn not to lean to your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him. This is the stage of training.

The next stage is the process stage. The horse at this time had been trained and began competing. Many had much to say about the type of competitor he would be because of his breeding. There were words of limitation and doubt constantly being hurled against him. He also had a unique racing style which was seen negatively.  Spiritually this is when you are moving in ministry. Sometimes based on where you came from or the training you received some will limit the depth, breadth and height of the gifting on the inside. There will be much negativity spoken against you but don’t allow it to stop you. You also operate with a different blue print which frustrates and annoys others because it’s outside the norm.

The last stage is the proving stage. The horse had a number or races to run in a short period of time. Many were not willing to invest in him or have faith in what he was going to accomplish. But his owner believed and knew the whole time that he was made for more. His achievement went down in history. Spiritually many of you are getting ready to run the greatest race of your life. Though you’ve accomplished much you haven’t been able to let loose. The track of life has brought limitations. In this season you will be given the wind to run without looking back. All the gifts and graces will flow to a degree that will cause many to be in awe and astonished but it will be for the glory of God. You will hear repeatedly, “I didn’t know you had all that in you.” You may feel frustrated because you know there is more, but know there is a set time and a set place for it to be released and revealed. When the time is right let loose and let GOD!!!

There is a particular breed of Kingdom believers that have been reserved until now. They walk in obedience and the fear of the Lord. They are not moved by the opinions of men but like Jesus they say their meat is to  do the will of him that sent them and to finish His work. They are about to take the world by storm. They walk in humility, grace and love. But they operate in their authority with power and confidence. The world has not seen this yet but all will recognize who they are when God begins to put them on display. May the Secretariats be RELEASED!!!

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