Closed Doors

Last night I watched a movie dealing with flight and air travel. What stuck out to me was the closed doors. I don’t know why because that certainly wasn’t the focus of the movie. On my way to work I began to think more about closed doors in general. Many times they are seen negatively and as a rejection when that is not always the case. Everything isn’t always against you, sometimes it’s for you to grow, to mature, to develop, to forgive and to progress. It’s not always against you sometimes its actually “FOR” you. As I watched this movie I noticed when the doors closed it required a new level of focus and awareness for a specific purpose. It required clarity and being intentional.

The more I pondered I saw that doors are not just natural they can also be hearts, hands and lips. Sometimes we feel that people should have opened those things to us and when they didn’t or couldn’t do we ever consider what was then “opened” in us? How did we respond to the closed doors? How did we respond when people could and should have defended us but didn’t? When people could have helped us but wouldn’t? When people should have loved us but didn’t know how? Did that open up unforgiveness and bitterness in us? What did it expose?

Rarely has a closed door been seen as opportunity for exposure but I believe it is. If we change our perspective we can see the closing of doors revealing something within us. Did the closed door open up creativity so you would develop and create your own and not lean on another? When people choose to discredit and devalue you instead of defending you how do you respond to that door? Did you to loose the hounds of heaven or instead pray forgive them for they know not what they do? Did the closed door draw us closer to the Father as opposed to so much dependency on man?

For everything that has been closed sometimes we need to ask what did it actually “open” not on the outside but the inside. Sometimes we are so focused on the closed door we negate to see our response. I’m learning that closed doors have actually been a blessings. They’ve caused me to dig, to discover and to be diverted from things which I thought would bless but actually would hinder. Like the man in space its brought levels of focus and clarity so I could soar and possibly go where no woman has gone before😉😉😉!!!
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