Chapter Preview: Tiffany’s vs Walmart

Tiffany’s vs. Walmart

We are all beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God; born with gifs and talents for a purpose and a plan. We are valuable and unique, set apart and priceless. As women, the jewel of God’s eye, we all start out in Tiffany’s. At Tiffany’s the collections are luxurious, first class and valuable. God views us in the same way. The problem is that some of us don’t see ourselves in that way. Some of us were deceived and left Tiffany’s for Walmart. We became impatient waiting around for someone who could “afford” us. In haste, we moved from a place of luxury to a place of discount.

When I think of Wal-Mart, I think bargain, discount, cheap, deals and inexpensive. I’m not saying the discount chain stocks poor quality, but there are some things that are more valuable when purchased elsewhere. For example, a ring from Tiffany’s and a ring from Wal-Mart are two different kinds of rings. They have different qualities, characteristics and attributes. One is highly valued, the other is of significantly lesser value. One is very exclusive, while the other is easily accessible. And it is the same way with us.

When we recognize that we are of Tiffany’s quality, we will not accept just anything that comes our way. In actuality, certain people will not even approach us because they will already know that they can’t “afford” us. Not that we’re wearing price tag but our character will indicate our value. Many people won’t even go into Tiffany’s because they know what the name represents and the price tag that goes along with it.  WalMart, however, is known for their low prices and bargains. As a woman, do you want to be known as high value or as a bargain steal? When you live a life that is pure and holy, it adds value to your character. The opposite holds true for a sinful life.

Some of us were in Tiffany’s, but we were stolen or had to leave for reasons beyond our control. We were in a right place, but a thief came in and took our innocence. Some of us had just been placed in the display case when we were removed prematurely, and we do not remember the quality and value that the Jeweler God, our Father, gave to us when He fashioned us. When placed in a new environment, some of us adapted to what we thought was right. We were taken so far away from our original place that it was hard for us to gain a sense of identity. We have been searching, trying to find the Tiffany store once again. We realized much of what we were told was lies, and we have been desperately trying to find our way back home. Let me encourage you, home is closer than you think.

In the book of Ruth, the story of Naomi represents someone who was in Tiffany’s and due to issues beyond her control, ended up in Walmart. Her new location affected, and eventually transformed her skin type. From what we read, it does not appear that Naomi was always bitter, as her name means “my joy” or “pleasant.” However, her life experiences changed her. Though Naomi was hurt and bitter, she made her way home.

After Naomi was settled back home, the love of God flowed through her. Once she returned to  her rightful  place, the wisdom of God brought provision for her. What doors will thrust open when we return to our rightful place? What wisdom will flow out of us when we step into our rightful place? What awaits us when we obey and return home?

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