Healing & Journaling Webinar

We live in a society which is so fast paced it’s hard to hear and hard to heal. I’ve found that journaling is a great resource to help deal with hurts, issues and pain from the past and even current. Your journal doesn’t judge you. It’s a blank page allowing a fresh start and way to unpack your brain and release your emotions.

If you need healing but don’t know where to start
If you’ need to unpack your brain and your pain
If you need a way to release the old to embrace the new

Healing & Journaling is the webinar for you. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been writing for a while there is much you will learn as you continue healing through your writing.

In this 2-hour LIVE webinar you will learn:

How journaling brings self-healing
How journaling is connected to your voice
How Journaling solves issues and brings answers
How to use your pen as a healing instrument
How to create journaling prompts

When you Find Your Pen you can Find Your Voice in this class you will reclaim that power through activating and empowering your writing.

Take the class with a friend and let the healing journey BEGIN!!!

****Special Offer the first 50 registrants will receive a FREE Healing & Journaling Devotional****

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Author MaShani Allen, is a Spiritual Stenographer, and Golden Scribe. With more than a decade of experience, MaShani’s passion for journaling rose from her archival and transcription services. Personally, she found a greater use for journaling as her book, The Beauty of Holiness, is a direct result of this practice. Combined with this passion, MaShani has a B.S. in Journalism, and M.A. in Christian Counseling, making her a sought-after speaker, as she fulfills her heartfelt desire to see people living mentally and spiritually free lives. You can find more about her and her webinars at MaShaniAllen.com

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The Essentials of Journaling Webinar

Have you always wanted to journal but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to learn the benefits of journaling?

Do you come up with a constant string of ideas but aren’t sure how to categorize them?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then The Essentials of Journaling is for you!!! Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been writing for a while there is much you will learn as you continue your writing journey.

In this 2 hour webinar you will learn:

  • The Power of Journaling
  • Journaling Techniques
  • What to write
  • Journaling Categories (types)

There is so much Power in the Pen in this class is you will reclaim that power through activating and empowering your writing.

Here is the video announcement of the class.

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Looking forward to activating you….


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When I woke up Saturday, August 5th I heard the word GUST. I know what I thought it meant but I looked up the definition and found the following:

A brief, strong rush of wind
A sudden strong blast of wind
A sudden rush or burst of water, fire, smoke and sound
An outburst of emotion

After seeing these definitions I heard: The month of AuGUST will be full of GUST. They will come suddenly and unexpectedly. There will be sudden burst of rain on the dry places. There will be sudden burst of My fire in the hardened places. There will be sudden burst of smoke to blind your enemies and provide an escape. There will be sudden burst of the sound of My voice to cause My people to know which way to go and what path to take. For some, this GUST comes to get them back on track and in alignment. This GUST will thrust you from a place of being stuck to momentum. Just one breath from My nostrils will put everything back into place and remove that which has held you back.

There will also be sudden GUST of finances, a bursting forth of opportunities. For those who have been dancing in the hallway, the GUST will suddenly open doors for you. GUST of favor, GUST of influence, GUST of healing, GUST of deliverance, GUST of salvation, GUST of freedom, GUST of dreams, GUST of visions, GUST of miracles, GUST of breakthroughs, GUST of promises will begin to manifest.

This is what is on the Spiritual Weather Channel. GUST of the Holy Spirit will hit churches, homes, families and individuals. It will be unexpected but will bring change and transformation. There will be GUST of blessing, GUST of answered prayers. Many will begin to see GUST of rewards being released. These GUSTS will bring a GUST of emotions from you. GUST of joy. GUST of praise. GUST of awe. GUST of wonder. GUST of surprise. GUST of adoration and giving Glory to God. The winds are changing in your favor. Get ready for the GUST!!!

Here is the YouTube video of the GUST release with prayers.

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The Beauty of Holiness is now available in the Audio version. Purchase your copy TODAY!!!

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Whose Dream are you Living?

It’s amazing how the same concept and thought can come to you in different ways. For me this week alone one concept has come to me through a book, a conversation, and a movie. So I have to pay attention to the message and that’s why I’m sharing this post. Whose dream are you living? Is it God’s, yours or someone else’s? This may be a challenging question but one which needs to be asked. If I were to summarize many are unfortunately living the latter. Why may you ask? I believe we have a society which is set up to keep us in a box, under a glass ceiling or keep us doing the norm. Whenever someone decides to break the box, push against the ceiling or change the norm they receive resistance from some of the most unexpected places and unforeseen people.
Though we may be encouraged to live our dream when we decide to, it will take everything to see it fulfilled. We have to be willing to do something we can’t fully explain. Go places we can’t give a reason for. Have a passion we can’t contain or ignore. And take a journey that few have embarked on, but there’s a peace about it. When you live the dreams of others it may look good on the outside but leaves the biggest void inside your heart and spirit. Even in the church we can take our dreams and try to morph them into what we’ve seen and what we know. But we have to take that dream and do it the way God gives it to us.
We can try following others blueprints but what if you are the new blueprint? What if you are the model? What if you are the new trailblazer? If you try to copy someone else you leave a group of people waiting for you to be YOU!!! It can take years, decades and sometimes a lifetime to truly pursue your God given dream but when you do that’s when a new level of life begins. So dream your God dream. Allow Him to expand and breathe on it. Put action to it. Hold it as something most precious. Don’t give up on it or allow time to make you think you are disqualified from it. Dream and then dream again!!! Dream BIG!!!
#Dream #DreamBig #LiveYourDream #DreamAgain #StartTODAY #Nottoolate #Scribe
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Prophetic Poem for April

Prophetic Poem by MaShani Allen

Many have already began to speak on how the month of April has brought you to a peak.

For many have been faithful through the difficult storms which were beyond the norm.

Many have kept silent while under attack, destruction and experiencing loss and lack.

Many have stood strong and kept believing, trusting and reading My word while not retreating.

Many have continued to confess even while under extreme warfare and severe distress.

Many have chosen to truly overcome by watching the words released from their tongue.

I have watched and taken account, now prepare to soar and prepare to mount.

For you will begin to see the rewards of your obedience for avoiding discord.

You will begin to see the fruit on your tree bring great joy, peace and harmony.

You will begin to see the work of My hand and it will be great and grand.

For I come to show Myself strong and I release over you a fresh new song.

For this is a time of victory and dreams come true and I do what I said I would do.

I release to you My favor, which will enhance your ability to be bolder and braver.

I release to you My gifts which will bring increase, abundance and cause great shifts.

I open up to you new doors and cause you to break glass ceilings and obtain what’s yours.

I fulfill the promises of your heart which you held steadfast to and did not waiver or depart.

I manifest the dreams which you hold dear, you stayed strong and did not give in to fear.

It is a time of rejoicing a time of victory for there is much I will unveil for you to see.

I will cause you to shine like never before and you will pave the way for you’ve learned to endure.

And many will watch as you radiate like gold with My glory and power you’re a newly fashioned mold.

Distinct and unique and needful for this time, Come forth My children and Shine! Shine! Shine!




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