Unmarried Vent

Unmarried vent by MaShani Allen

I can appreciate you wanting to see me married. I can appreciate you wanting to see me in love and being loved.  I can appreciate you wanting me to have children.

But, can you appreciate me not wanting to settle? Can you appreciate me wanting God’s will.  Can you appreciate me wanting to be healed and whole? Can you appreciate me knowing my mandate and mission before Mr showed up? Can you appreciate me stewarding and protecting my gift for the right covenant? Can you appreciate not just anyone can cover me?

I’ve counseled women from all walks of life and relationship status.  One thing I’ve learned is that marriage is not something to rush,  push or take lightly. Though I appreciate you please appreciate my stand knowing I’m worth the wait and marriage is worth waiting for!!!💖💝💖

Dear Church

Please stop implying that if someone isn’t married by a “certain age” then something must be “wrong” with them. Have you ever considered they are on the path of holiness? Have you ever considered they are on the path to purpose? Have you ever considered they are discovering their mandate? Have you ever considered they are being cleansed, healed and delivered? You may say, “Well how long does that take? I would then ask, “Do you know the depth of their pain or the power of their purpose?” Also, please stop implying that because somone is not married by a certain age they may be in an alternative lifestyle. It’s hard to believe that the church can’t embrace people truly living holy, pure, sanctified and set apart. Lastly, please stop considering setting us up with your half saved loved ones. Honor our anointing and choice.

#PurityonPurpose #Appreciate #MaShaniAllen #PowerinHeels #WorthTheWait #IssacOnly

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Monumental May

I literally just heard “Monumental May”

I pulled out my notebook and just penned the following poem:

Be very careful what you say, for many are entering into a “Monumental May”

Be very careful what you speak,  and don’t allow your words to limit My reach.

Be very careful how you dream,  for things may look one way but it’s not what it seems.

Be very careful what you desire, for there is much I will cause you to acquire.

Be very careful where you go,  don’t get caught in systems and people that will limit your flow.

Be very careful what you embrace, for the enemy will try to deceive and hinder your pace.

Be very careful how you think,  enlarge your tents and boats so they don’t sink.

Be very careful in how you align, avoid those which backbite and your character they malign.

Be very careful in what you accept, for many can’t embrace your width and your depth.

Be very careful what you read, for words are more than letters they are seeds.

Be very careful what you remember, for pain would like to steal your fire and remove your embers.

Be very careful on what you focus, wrong perspectives will eat away dreams like locusts.

Be very careful what you create, for what was good will become great.

Heed to these instructions and watch what unwinds, an unbelievable season, a glorious and Monumental TIME!!!

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Tear Talk New Book RELEASE


I’m SOOOOOOOOOO Excited to announce Tear Talk- A 90-Day Guide to Healing through Journaling the eBook and paperback will be available March 30th!!!

This book was not planned nor on my radar. I just finished another book and was working on publishing that. In the middle of finalizing that project, I was given the idea for the Healing & Journaling Webinar. While advertising about the webinar I heard “Tear Talk” I thought it was catchy but didn’t know it was a book. The week before the webinar I received a unexpected insurmountable healing through the public apology with Apostle Daryl O’Neil. The week of the webinar I gathered notes from previous teachings and webinars and the book was written in 3 days. The day before the webinar I created the cover.

I share all of this as an encouragement. There are some projects that God is truly breathing on. Flow with Him. Get on His timetable. Some projects have an URGENCY stamp on them. When you obey it will come with ease.

Ebook Pre-pay https://paypal.me/MaShaniAllen/12.99
Paperback Pre-pay https://paypal.me/MaShaniAllen/19.99

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Black Panther Tribute

Thank you #BlackPanther for the beautiful portrayal of black women.

You showed us as strong and courageous while also feminine and gracious.

You showed us as intelligent and stealth with the ability to get and create wealth.

You showed us as tenacious and bold while exemplifying a new model and mold.

You showed us that our minds could be respected, our bodies covered and protected with beautiful images reflected.

You showed us as regal Queens, gentle like a dove deserving and worthy of honor, respect and love.
By MaShani Allen

#BlackPanther #WomenofWakanda #Beauty #LupitaNyongo #DanaiGurira#AngelaBassett #LetitiaWright #Women #Empowerment #Strong#MaShaniAllen

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Healing & Journaling Webinar

We live in a society which is so fast paced it’s hard to hear and hard to heal. I’ve found that journaling is a great resource to help deal with hurts, issues and pain from the past and even current. Your journal doesn’t judge you. It’s a blank page allowing a fresh start and way to unpack your brain and release your emotions.

If you need healing but don’t know where to start
If you’ need to unpack your brain and your pain
If you need a way to release the old to embrace the new

Healing & Journaling is the webinar for you. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been writing for a while there is much you will learn as you continue healing through your writing.

In this 2-hour LIVE webinar you will learn:

How journaling brings self-healing
How journaling is connected to your voice
How Journaling solves issues and brings answers
How to use your pen as a healing instrument
How to create journaling prompts

When you Find Your Pen you can Find Your Voice in this class you will reclaim that power through activating and empowering your writing.

Take the class with a friend and let the healing journey BEGIN!!!

****Special Offer the first 50 registrants will receive a FREE Healing & Journaling Devotional****

Register NOW!!!

Author MaShani Allen, is a Spiritual Stenographer, and Golden Scribe. With more than a decade of experience, MaShani’s passion for journaling rose from her archival and transcription services. Personally, she found a greater use for journaling as her book, The Beauty of Holiness, is a direct result of this practice. Combined with this passion, MaShani has a B.S. in Journalism, and M.A. in Christian Counseling, making her a sought-after speaker, as she fulfills her heartfelt desire to see people living mentally and spiritually free lives. You can find more about her and her webinars at MaShaniAllen.com

******Replay link will be available for all who register*********

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