The Golden Scribe

MaShani Allen, the “Golden Scribe” is an Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Stenographer. With over a decade of experience, her passion for journaling rose from archival projects for personal and professional uses. Personally, she found a greater use for journaling as her books, The Beauty of Holiness and Tear Talk, are a direct result of this practice. MaShani has been given the opportunity to impart wisdom, affirmation, and strength into many lives. The speaking platform has evolved and expanded, where MaShani Allen delves deep into the emphasis on inner beauty, character development, and the power of the Pen.

There is so much Power in the Pen. Get your Pen back! Get Your Voice Back – MaShani

She has a B.S. Degree in Advertising from the University of Florida, College of Journalism and Communications and a Masters in Christian Counseling from Word Bible College, making her a sought-after speaker, as she fulfills her heartfelt desire to see people living mentally and spiritually free lives.  Ms. Allen has always enjoyed empowering and motivating others, and now she has the privilege of doing this for audiences all over the United States.

MaShani is an ordained Prophet who utilizes teaching, training, and activation to empower and equip believers of Jesus Christ to fulfill their purpose.


An upstanding empowerment speaker, teacher and confidence coach, MaShani received her undergraduate degree in Advertising from the University of Florida, and masters degree in Christian Counseling from Word Bible College.

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