When I woke up Saturday, August 5th I heard the word GUST. I know what I thought it meant but I looked up the definition and found the following:

A brief, strong rush of wind
A sudden strong blast of wind
A sudden rush or burst of water, fire, smoke and sound
An outburst of emotion

After seeing these definitions I heard: The month of AuGUST will be full of GUST. They will come suddenly and unexpectedly. There will be sudden burst of rain on the dry places. There will be sudden burst of My fire in the hardened places. There will be sudden burst of smoke to blind your enemies and provide an escape. There will be sudden burst of the sound of My voice to cause My people to know which way to go and what path to take. For some, this GUST comes to get them back on track and in alignment. This GUST will thrust you from a place of being stuck to momentum. Just one breath from My nostrils will put everything back into place and remove that which has held you back.

There will also be sudden GUST of finances, a bursting forth of opportunities. For those who have been dancing in the hallway, the GUST will suddenly open doors for you. GUST of favor, GUST of influence, GUST of healing, GUST of deliverance, GUST of salvation, GUST of freedom, GUST of dreams, GUST of visions, GUST of miracles, GUST of breakthroughs, GUST of promises will begin to manifest.

This is what is on the Spiritual Weather Channel. GUST of the Holy Spirit will hit churches, homes, families and individuals. It will be unexpected but will bring change and transformation. There will be GUST of blessing, GUST of answered prayers. Many will begin to see GUST of rewards being released. These GUSTS will bring a GUST of emotions from you. GUST of joy. GUST of praise. GUST of awe. GUST of wonder. GUST of surprise. GUST of adoration and giving Glory to God. The winds are changing in your favor. Get ready for the GUST!!!

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